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Wrongful Death

We understand how to treat clients recovering from debilitating grief. When a loved one is killed due to the negligence or misconduct of another party, the surviving family has the right to sue for wrongful death. Often, wrongful death suits come after a criminal trial with the goal of monetary damages that were inflicted as a result of the death. There are a wide-range of damages that can be pursued including potential lost income of the deceased. The Hatchett Firm possesses considerable experience in wrongful death cases and is ready to help you begin the process.

Catastrophic Injury

Injuries that are considered catastrophic can leave a person suffering from permanent disabilities directly affecting their quality of life. There are a wide-range of injuries that can be considered catastrophic. For any catastrophic injury, the damages can be life-altering for you and your family. Often, the consequences of a catastrophic injury lead to prevention of an individual from performing gainful work and consequently, their ability to provide for their family. These type of injuries and illnesses often put serious, long-term stress on a family and their happiness. Since catastrophic injuries can affect the rest of your life, it’s imperative to speak with attorneys who will go the extra mile to ensure you are taken care by the negligent party.

Police Misconduct

Claims of this nature are very unique and the victims should be treated with compassion, sensitivity and consideration. The term police misconduct refers to illegal or inappropriate action engaged in by police officers. Over the past few years, police misconduct has taken center-stage in the national consciousness, but too often those responsible for senseless violence are not held accountable. As the counsel for the family of Philando Castile, a man tragically killed by police in Minnesota, The Hatchett Firm has been on the frontlines of holding the powerful responsible. It’s our firm’s mission to do what is right, even in difficult times. In such delicate and stressful situations, you can count on The Hatchett Firm for steady, aggressive representation.

Product Liability

Regardless of the product in question or how and where your accident occurred, The Hatchett Firm offers sound guidance and solid support. The Hatchett Firm is focused on helping those with product liability claims against a manufacturer who is responsible for a defective product that caused injury. You may be unaware, but liability is not only the burden of the seller, but also those along the supply-chain who may have knowingly sold a defective product. It’s everyone’s responsibility to keep each other safe and those who don’t take this seriously need to be held accountable. If you find yourself in a situation where a product has caused you damage and it did not meet your ordinary expectations as a consumer, we are here to help.


Class Action

When the facts and legal issues are similar, the parties may join together to bring a legal action against the party responsible for the tort. Most businesses in the United States do their best to ensure the safety of their products and services. Sadly, there is a group who put profit over people and ignore genuine concerns about the way they are profiting. This is when we step-in, in the form of a class action lawsuit. When multiple parties join together in bringing legal action against the party responsible, it is known as a class action and be a powerful change agent against unresponsive, greedy business owners.

Premises Liability

Under premises liability law, property owners can be held financially accountable for accidents and injuries that occur on their premises. Premises liability comes into play during personal injury cases when there is an injury caused by unsafe or defective conditions at someone’s property. This can extend to acts of violence perpetrated on the job, if security was not up to standard protocol. The key part of any premises liability case is proving that the ownership was negligent with the property and did not address the unsafe conditions. Let our trial-ready attorneys get to the bottom of your case with a free consultation and begin the process for making it right.


Civil Rights

A civil rights attorney can improve your chances significantly by presenting your case in the most favorable light. Civil rights laws guarantee rights for individuals to receive equal treatment and prohibits discrimination in a number of settings, including education, employment, housing, lending, voting, and more. Judge Hatchett has been a trailblazer in her career and carries that passion into her civil law practice. Notably, Judge was Delta Air Lines highest-ranking woman of color worldwide during her time at the company in addition to being the first African-American Chief Presiding Judge of a state court in Georgia.


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